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Y O U   W A N T   T O  S T A R T  
Y O U R   O W N   B R I D A L  
B U S I N E S S ?

Or maybe you already have one , but you're just feeling a little bit stuck and need some guidance?
Maybe you dream about a business that means you can be your own boss? Maybe you simply know you need to work smarter.
Or maybe you're looking to bridal as a way to maximise your income, a way to do something you love and you just need a little help as to how to get it 'right'?
Sound familiar?! If it does then you're in the right place! Check out my video to find out more about how I can help...

I already have a bridal hair business which was doing ok so I wasn't sure exactly what help I really needed, I just knew that I could be doing things better. Katie helped me figure that out and I understand my business so much better now. I've made a few changes already and I'm seeing the benefits financially after just a few weeks!



I didn't know what to do or where to start. It was all so overwhelming. Katie helped me see just how I could actually turn my hobby and love for hair and makeup into a business and a real income. In just a few months I've managed to replace half of my previous 'real job' salary and I work at times that suit me and the kids. I feel like this really is possible now!


Hair and beauty

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Who's is Katie and how can I help ?

Founder, CTO

I started my bridal business 7 years ago and ever since then I've been obsessed with creating and providing the perfect experience for over 500 brides. I've  put everything I know into a variety of courses, sessions and workshops - designed to help you create your very own bridal business 

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